Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

Largely because of Christmas festivities, the winter season is the biggest shopping period of the year. More precisely, sales soar during Super Saturday: the last Saturday before Christmas. Whether for frantic search of last-minute presents or brand-new party outfits, this Saturday is our favourite day for mindless consumption.

As Christmas comes close, we become more likely to make hasty purchases. During this time, chances of buying fashion items that will be worn fewer than three times increase. Retailers know the spirit of the season clouds our judgment. It is the perfect timing for completely unplanned purchases. Precisely for the whim, they sell Christmas seasonal products. A good example of this is the whimsical Christmas jumper of the year.

Ugly or not, the jumper is meant to be worn once a year. Twice at most. In some cases, it is not even worn from one year to the next. More often than not, the Christmas jumper becomes a single-use purchase.

It would appear that Christmas inspired garments are the height of seasonal clothing. Their expiry date is unequivocal and that leaves us no time to think twice. Better sooner than later, we are encouraged to buy these items with the conviction that there is a perfect opportunity waiting for us to wear them.

All of a sudden it is Boxing day and the christamasy fever goes away. The time to wear the jumper has passed. Within less than a month later of their arrival to the stores, Christmas inspired garments are out of date. It is no surprise to see fast-fashion products that are not meant to last. However, it strikes to see high-quality items with the same little future.

But, when it is time to set out profit, luxury brands are not left behind. Through an intervention of stickers, Christmas Countdown intends to make this great contradiction visible. It aims to point out the short life expectancy of some of their very expensive products by placing on them countdown stickers one week before Christmas. Just as if they were about to detonate and disappear from the store, the stickers announce that their big day, or not, comes close. Certainly, a final thought about this race against the clock is what will happen with all that unsold stock.

Somehow, the same happens to every fleeting fashion trend. This intervention serves to illustrate that, in all purchase decisions, it is worth considering the time left to wear an item before it goes out of date.