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    Inspired by helplessness and a very brave woman dressed to stand with Ukraine in the Moscow metro, I created this digital silk scarf to serve as a symbol of community and peace.

    The silk scarf is an iconic piece that has been worn for centuries across the world and varying cultures. At times even, it has been used to differentiate the rank of soldiers. It is thus, beyond aesthetics, a meaningful item that can convey a specific message for those in the know.

    Not everyone has the courage a Babushka has but, we all can make use of fashion to fulfil our right of self-expression and recall the power of every individual voice in time of war.

    I invite you too to wear this digital scarf, turn it into a political statement, and spread a message of support to the Ukrainian people.

    It is available at DRESSX: Support Ukraine Collection, where all funds will be donated to the cause.