Frankfurt Style Award

More is more and less is bore. “The NEW CLASSY” was our outfit proposal for the Bronx and Boulevard category at the Frankfurt Style Award 2016,  a look inspired by trashy-chic, a touch of Iggy Azalea, a bit of Clueless, and a lot of Chanel. For this category, we imagined the trendy neighborhood girl wearing luxury brands in an exaggerated way.

The key to this style is to be breathtaking in every outfit, daring to innovate and challenging any rule or writ of fashion. The rules are made to be broken: just a crop-top that shows the belly and tight high-waisted shorts are the hallmark. With a sporty stroke and very small classy set with heeled sneakers. The idea is to tight the body with brilliant hues. The materials are: pink chanel tweed, grey panné, lycra tights, cotton socks & gold accessories.

Model: Greta Faeser | @greta.official