Reset Shirt

Reset Shirt

Men telling women how to dress has been going on for thousands of years. Rules on what women can wear are not as remote as it may seem. In fact, at the present time, there are many women being told what to put or not on their bodies. While for other women to be taken seriously, they better dress like men.

It has been a long road for women to use menswear as a symbol of gender equality. Until recently, the image of a woman wearing a shirt to which we were used to, had to be borrowed from a man. His own.

Reset Shirt materials

‘For a man to wear. And a woman to borrow.’ This was the advertising slogan launched by Van Heusen in the 1980s to sell shirts. It feels clearly outdated. However, it is not so weird to see fashion commercials that portray stereotyped behaviours related to gender roles. Still today, there are social codes telling that garments can be gendered contributing to wrong ideals of what femininity or masculinity are.

Reset Shirt is an upcycled series of shirts that bring together both worlds. They mix off-cuts of a pleated crepe skirt with a lumberjack shirt and pinstripe fabric. Through unbalanced ties, drapping or unusual darts, there is asymmetry in every sense. The purpose is to set the shirt in no-man’s-land and advocate for genderless fashion by ripping off gender attributes from pieces of cloth.

Maybe someday, wearing baggy clothes does not necessarily mean they have been borrowed from a boyfriend nor wearing a skirt is for a man to be disguised. Until that happens, we should be questioning the gender limitations organising our wardrobes. Because although these may not be apparent, there are still some rules left to break.