Upcycling Denim

Upcycling Denim

As all denim lovers know, good denim only gets better over time. It has been long since cowboy movies made it popular and denim has stayed in our wardrobes ever since. Compared with other textiles, denim takes a long time to biodegrade. Besides, it is worth noting that essential basic pieces we wear season after season are made of denim. Apart from being a strong lasting material, the best thing about it is that it never ever goes out of style.

Everything suggests that a good pair of denim jeans is something to grow old with. And yet, we buy billions of brand-new jeans every year.

Denim Tapestry Upcycled

Denim jeans are sure business. However, its production contributes to the massive cultivation of cotton and the unsafe use of toxic metals that ends up causing water pollution. But besides the high environmental impact, there are also health consequences for the people who work with denim. During dyeing and finishing process, such as the artificial worn-out effect, workers are exposed to a wide variety of chemicals. Which is a lot of damage to end up mindlessly discarding this long-lasting fabric.

The thing is, sooner or later denim will fade getting a natural worn-out look. In fact, many consider this unique aging to be its best asset. So much so that when a good piece of denim is no longer wearable, it is not always easy to get rid of it.

Indeed, Upcycling denim is one of the great pleasures of life. While it keeps our favourite pair of jeans from ending up in landfills, it allows us to keep on wearing them. These upcycled t-shirts, mapped out with beloved denim leftovers and flowery tapestry pieces, are made to celebrate it. Apart from the particular combination of fabrics, the meaning of their past lives is what makes them so special. Anyone who has ever had an upcycled piece can tell, they create bonds like no other.