We Show Off

We Show Off

It is complicated to picture modern life without plastic. It is not only how much plastic we consume but how short we use it. As most of it, is in form of packaging. Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills. That is to say that even the plastic that has reached the end of its useful life, will survive us.

An average person consumes 100 kg of plastic per year. That is a lot of plastic to leave behind. Although much of that plastic can only be recycled once or twice, less than 10% of it is actually recycled. We could be doing it way better. Equally important, if not more, is making responsible use of it. As this can delay its disposal and reduce brand new plastic production.

The potential for waste prevention and recycling is not yet fully tapped. Rising awareness on the environmental impact of the senseless use of plastic can make a real difference. Not only by leveraging the plastic we already have but by becoming aware of its excessive consumption we can reduce its daily misuse.

To call attention on this matter, We Show Off took people by surprise in the streets of Zurich. The performance was part of the Recare Project carried out by Dynamo Zurich for Revolve Store. It was undertaken by participants from varying backgrounds who came together to psych up the consumer’s mind-set about recycling.

All raised up from a mountain of trash, little by little, the participants turned from sleeping figures into human mannequins and stood out to parade walking around in line with exaggerated individuality. Plastic waste, discarded surgery cloths, rubber bands of tires, wire mesh, sandpaper and even bicycle chains were used to create the outfits. It all happened beating the rhythm of traffic, racket, rips, and other sounds taken from the environment. All that once was noise pollution, upcycled into a catchy runway song.

We Show Off presents the future we can expect if we do not take timely action. Because if we keep on generating waste at this pace, waste will be the only thing we will be left with. By all means, if we are to encourage any kind of recycling it is important to raise awareness on proper waste sorting. Not only the plastic we discard, but the rest of our trash is full of second chances. All we have to do is to ensure we put them on the right track.