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lotus, man, t-shirt, bluelotus, man, t-shirt, blue
lotus, man, t-shirt, blue
lotus, man, t-shirt, blue


19,90 16,90

LOTUS is equal to the perfection, simplicity and temperance.



LOTUS are born among the mud to be opened pure and perfect.

The petals that are opened symbolize the spiritual growth.

The lotus represents the purity of the body and mind that grows on the mud of temptation and desire.


Size Chest Large Sleeve
S 48 cm 19 in 67 cm 26 in 19 cm 7 in
M 51 cm 20 in 69 cm 27 in 20 cm 8 in
L 54 cm 21 in 71 cm 28 in 21 cm 8 in


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